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MrSCRIBING is the alter-ego of graphic artist Andrés Martínez Ricci.

Andrés is a unique creative with more than two decades of experience

as a professional illustrator and a broad knowledge of design.

He graduated from the University of Buenos Aires with a degree in Graphic Design.

And his childhood passion became a reality when he began

a professional career in illustration.

His art has since appeared in diverse press publications, as well as in advertising. He has worked in animation productions for Disney and Cartoon Network and published several illustrated books for prestigious publishing houses in the UK and USA.

​“The expressive potential of my art style has always served storytelling

in the various fields of my career.

Today, as MrSCRIBING, I deploy a wide range of visual resources

to capture, convey, and connect concepts.

My Studio brings together everything I can offer as a professional.”


He has lived in Madrid for over fourteen years.

He made his first appearance as a "scriber" in 2011. Scribing events soon went

from sporadic to highly sought after, and his Animated Explainer Videos

enjoyed immense popularity. 

Faced with growing demand, he dedicated himself full-time

to Graphic Facilitation and founded

MrSCRIBING Studio in 2016.


"Drawing is a universal language, so I prefer to call it

'Graphic Translation' rather than 'Graphic Facilitation'.

It's a process of art as much as design, where I spark an interest in ideas through instantly recognisable imagery."

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